Thursday, October 27, 2011

do you recognize them? | spokane family photography

If you've seen any of my printed materials, the front page or my blog or look up at the header of this blog, you'll recognize this family. They are fun FUN! I had such a great time capturing their new family of four. I love watching them interact. When I tell them to just have fun, interact, and ignore me - they don't miss a beat!

the holland clan | spokane family photography

I don't know how I missed blogging this amazing family from this summer. Ah, just looking at these bright sunny pictures makes me not sure that I'm ready for fall!

The extended Holland clan was all together in town and they decided to give Grandma the gift of pictures as a Mother's Day present. What a great idea! Especially with the 2 newest additions to the family!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

where have i been?

Good grief, it's been awhile.  Not much going on here.  Just decided that we are going to pursue adopting siblings. Which means we've been looking for a bigger house.  Which means my sweet 8 year old cries herself to sleep several times a week at the thought of moving.  My parents came to visit.  My hubby has a crazy work schedule right now.  We're mostly just coasting along here at the Schwab house.  AGH!!!

Plus, I've discovered Pinterest.  Do you know about it?  I think I need to get a little kitchen timer so that I don't spend all day on it.  They just have such lovely things on there to look at.  It is like reading the most wonderful design and food magazine online.

If you have some time to kill, head on over and check it out.