Tuesday, March 22, 2011

simon | spokane children's photography

I have been begging Simon's mom to let me get my camera on her kids for awhile now.  I was so happy when she called me to do pictures for Simon's 2nd birthday.  He was a little bit shy, but after a few boy toys that I brought along, some goofiness on my part, some help from his mom and a granola bar, we got some amazing pictures out of this little guy.  I love the process of seeing a kid go from clinging to his mom's leg to letting me interact with them and capture them as they really are.  Simon, you are quite the adorable kid.  I hope your second year brings you lots of adventures!

dane | spokane newborn photographer

I was so glad I got to meet Dane while we were in AZ. He is too cute! Mom, Brittany had some fun ideas and there just happened be a pair of angel wings in the dress-up box for us to play around with. I have to admit it turned out much cuter than I thought it would! It is so fun to see my cousin Jared be a dad to his little guy. Love you guys and can't wait till our next visit!

lindsey | spokane maternity photographer

Right about now you're probably wondering how I ended up with such a cute family.  I know, it's just not fair!  Lindsey is the next closest cousin I have to my age. We did lots of fun stuff growing up. I have to admit that I'm a tad bit jealous that she looked so amazing with only over a month to go.  You can tell by the pictures how much love there is between her and Bobby.  I know they are going to make amazing parents to their sweet little girl.  Congrats guys!

cydney | spokane children's photographer

SO, I know this post is LONG, but there were so many beautiful pictures to choose from I couldn't resist! In February my hubby and kids and I were able to escape to AZ for a week. Hello sunshine! Almost my whole immediate and extended family live in the Phoenix area so a few of them were happy to take advantage of having me and my camera around for a few days.

Meet my cousin Cydney. Have you ever seen a more beautiful 10 year old? I think not! I had so much fun spending time with her. 10 seems like it can be a tough age, especially for girls, wondering if they are cute enough, smart enough, skinny enough, you name it. My biggest hope is that when looking at these pictures, Cydney would realize just how amazing and beautiful she is just being herself. I love you Cyd!

seth | spokane newborn photographer

I just have to say, I love newborns. My kids are growing up and every time I get to work with a newborn it just amazes me how tiny they are. I love getting to enjoy their newborn smell and their little sighs and sleepy smiles even if just for a few hours. Seth is just too cute and has the most serious expressions of any baby I've ever seen! I have to add too, that he has the most amazing hair!

katelyn | spokane newborn photographer

I was SO excited to be able to do newborn pictures for Lisa. She wrote me a few weeks before sweet Katelyn was born asking me if I would consider flying out to Kansas to photograph Katelyn once she was born. At first I thought she was joking, but only until she started talking about buying me a plane ticket. I had such a fun time at their house and it was so special meeting Katelyn!