Friday, September 16, 2011

because school pictures are ugly mini session

I think about pictures way too much.  There, I've admitted it!  Now that both of my kiddos are in school all day, I was thinking about school pictures that should be coming up soon.  Actually, I was thinking about what I would dress them in for their school pictures because I think about clothes way too often too.

My train of thought went something like this:
What are my kiddos going to wear this year for pictures?
I think the pictures were during fall last year because Mirielle was wearing a long sleeve shirt.
Thanks goodness last year's pictures turned out better than the year before.
Oh yeah, those first grade pictures were not so great.
Why did I even order them, they looked so BAD.
Because I'm a devoted loving mother and I am required by the law of motherhood to purchase ugly school pictures.
I wonder how many other moms have ugly pictures of their kids hanging on the wall. Or shoved in a drawer.
Wait, I'm a photographer.  I could fix this problem.

And so was born the "Because School Pictures are UGLY" mini session.

Our kids grow up so fast, so why not actually have pictures of them that we ACTUALLY like?  Give pictures to the grandparents this year that they will want to display.  Have pictures of your kiddos that you will love having out and not want to shove in a drawer, because that is where my kiddos' pictures reside.

Session Info:

October 8th
A 20 minute session to play around and get the best smile out of your kid.  Don't worry I'm not afraid to embarrass myself in order to get a kid to smile!
A gallery of 5 images from which to choose your image
1 digital image with a copyright release.  This allows you to print as many pictures as you want in whichever sizes you choose.  (A $50 dollar value).  25% off of all other prints ordered.
The session will take place a the Finch Arboretum, which should be full of fantastic fall colors.
Your kiddo can come hang out with me and have fun while getting their pictures taken!

Age of child not limited to school age kiddos.  Discount available for sibling sessions.

Please contact me at for session times.

katelyn | spokane family photography

Do you remember sweet little Katelyn from way back at the beginning of the year?

Well I just got to fly back to Kansas this month to photograph her 7 month session.  This little girly is turning into a cutie pie!  I have to tell you though that being in Kansas in August made me glad that I live in the Pacific Northwest.  I just about had to wring my clothes out at the end of the day.  And fixing my hair, yeah right!  Between the humidity and the heat, it was ponytail all of the way!

Kate and her big sis Zaryn didn't seem to mind the heat at all and we were able to capture some of their cuteness!

Can you say gorgeous??

heaven scent | spokane product photography

Meet the fantastic products of Heaven Scent Bath and Body.  Tracie the owner contacted me about photographing her products with the scents she offers for her lotions, scrubs and soaps.  These handmade products are amazing.  All of the ingredients are natural and organic.   She has a great scent list of traditional scents - lavender, french vanilla, peppermint- and fun scents too like bubble gum, rootbeer float, monkey farts (now I've got you interested!) and dirt.  Check out more of the product and scent shots at Heaven Scent's FB page.

the three cutie red heads | spokane family photography

I had such a fun time with this darling family.  The sweet family at Bodacious Berries and the Cherry Pit graciously allowed us to roam and play on their beautiful property up at Green Bluff.  It was such a treat!  A beautiful evening, a beautiful family. These kiddos have the best personalities ever.  We had fun playing in the tent, even though it kept falling over.  They just ooze spunk and sweetness!

sophia and simon | spokane family photography

Thursday, September 15, 2011

callie | spokane newborn photography

Meet beautiful Callie.  I think beautiful is in the genes.  I've known Callie's mom, Ellie, for a few years and she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  And holy cow, she has adorable children.

kenzie | spokane child photography

Sweet sweet Kenzie.  I know y'all are jealous that I have such a cute extended family.  This year our big Schwab family vacation was in Glacier National Park.  Check out these amazing picts!