Friday, April 30, 2010

brynn | spokane maternity photography

Beautiful Brynn.  I could post every picture from her session.  She is one gorgeous mama and totally rocked the camera!  We had to reschedule this shoot 3 times due to the weather and the clouds finally cleared out about an hour before we met.  Thankfully, it was a beautiful evening and our waiting paid off!  We met at her house and took some pictures with her daughter Ava, who is as equally beautiful as her mom.  Then we headed north of town to one of my favorite stretches of road.  Brynn was such a sport as I drug her up and down a hill, through weeds, and even bared her belly to oncoming traffic.  She got some thumbs up for that one! 

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Monday, April 12, 2010


The four of us went 'exploring' the other day. I wanted to scout out a new place to take pictures, but the kids would never want to oblige me if I told them that. So I convinced them that we were off to an old castle. When you get there, it does make you wonder what the place used to be. Now they are just old ruins sandwiched in between an Office Max and the freeway. The kids were pretty convinced though that they were indeed at an old castle and had a fun time running around the fallen down brick walls and enjoying the sunset.

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sun soaked


nathaniel | spokane kids photography

Sweet big brother Nathaniel was a hoot to work with. He was game for taking pictures and showing me around his super cool room. He was giving his Playmobil pirates a bath in the sink when I showed up. I decided that his pirate name for sure would have to be Captain Golden Curls!

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josiah and benjamin | spokane newborn photography

I had such a great time capturing these two little guys. They were so tiny! It was so fun to see how different they were from each other. Big brother was such a huge help and made the session even more fun.

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